electric wall mounted heater

Electric Wall Mounted Heaters

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Wall Heaters

Electric heaters come in handy in keeping your home or office comfortable and especially in cold weather. Electric wall heaters are not only easy to use and convenient but also very affordable, making them a preferred option by many. It’s however advisable to research and look into the features of the wall heater before making an order. Outlined below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of wall mounted electric heaters you ought to know of.

The Advantages

Electric wall heaters come in many shapes and designs. It’s advisable to choose just the right heater for the desired application and preferences. Here are the advantages of electric wall heaters.

  1. Cost: Electric wall heaters are affordable and do not waste energy either. You should notice reduced heating bills after switching to this heater.
  2. Safety and ease of use: Electric wall heaters are relatively easy to operate. You simply plug in and turn it on. These heaters come with two built-in security features to ensure your safety. They have sensors that turn the entire system off completely if an object comes too close to the heater. In addition to this, the heater doesn’t get too hot to cause combustion.
  3. Compact size: The heaters are small enough to fit in the smallest of rooms, including bathrooms and offices.
  4. Instant heat: Once turned on, the heater warms the room fast enough, thus leaving you comfortable. You should, however, keep the door closed for faster heat distribution.


  1. Short cords: The power cords can be a little too short when installing the system. The main idea behind short cables is to keep them hidden.
  2. It’s only efficient in small spaces: Electric all heaters are exclusively designed to heat small areas. This means you cannot use the heater in larger spaces and homes. You’ll need several of these heaters to keep a large room or house warm.
  3. Doesn’t use duct-work: Electric wall heaters do not use ducts to disperse heat. For this reason, it might take longer for a room to heat up to one’s preferences. This is, however advantageous in that; no allergens will be blown in your direction.

Notable Features Of Electric Wall Heaters

  1. Energy efficient heating: These heaters use superior technology to circulate heat in the desired space. The low wattage means reduced heating bills for the heater only uses 4 cents per hour. This translates to 50% less energy usage.
  2. Ultra-Safe Wall Mounted Heaters: This feature makes it possible to leave the heater unattended for hours. The heater comes with an auto shutoff technology which powers the system down on contact.
  3. Healthy Heating: Electric wall heaters run silently, and have an auto-dimming power light that allows you to sleep well at night undisturbed. In addition to this, the hypoallergenic and fan-less design means no allergens and dust will be circulated in the heated space.